Steven’s House, Colony Drive
Architect: John Lautner - 1968
Location: Malibu, CA
Inspired by the ocean it faces, Architect John Lautner created this house with its curved shell to resemble a wave while the interior structure evokes a nautical, boat-like ambience in every room. On the practical side, it was built on concrete, which is critical for low-maintenance beach living on the oceanfront. The client restored the interior structure and Kristin Kilmer designed built-in cabinetry in the spirit of the originals. She re-furbished his authentic dining chairs, and added upholstery to all of the built-in banquettes for added comfort. Kristin also added Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin lamp in honor of Lautner’s mentor and Taliesin, the place where he once studied, which is also in Kristin's home state of Wisconsin. The custom modular sofa can be separated in to three sections, allowing the resident to move it around freely or reconfigure it. It also has shelving along the back for additional storage and can be placed in the middle of the room. These elements of modular design are also part of Kristin's sustainable message as the piece has a longer lifespan. Additional components can be built and because of its flexibility, the sofa can be placed in different environments should the homeowner one day decide to move.